Global Perspectives on International Arbitration

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Global | October 22, 2020

International arbitration is constantly evolving based on practice and experience worldwide. In this webinar, our panel of experts discuss key trends and the future of arbitration from a global perspective.

Drawing on our global practice, our panel of experts include highly regarded arbitration lawyers who share their experience and unique insights from across the world. They consider the key issues and trends affecting international arbitration from a global perspective, including the USA, London, Singapore and Australia and how these issues are shaping the future of international arbitration.


  • Andrew Battisson (Partner, Sydney)
  • Sherina Petit (Partner, London)
  • Kevin O’Gorman (Partner, Houston)
  • Katie Chung (Counsel, Singapore).
  • Welcome and closing remarks: Dylan McKimmie (Partner, Perth)
  • Moderator: Tamlyn Mills (Special Counsel, Sydney)