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Contract review

Review of large volumes of contracts

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A modular contract review solution that brings together technical and legal expertise which fits the scale and complexity of the project.

Reviewing large volumes of documents (e.g. contracts, leases, etc.), especially when they can take a wide variety of forms, are held in many different locations, and are amended or added to over a long period, can be logistically challenging.


We have extensive experience reviewing documents for a wide range of clients and have been engaged on some of the largest and most complex projects in recent years. We have developed a modular solution that brings together the optimal mix of technical and legal experience that fits the scale and complexity of the project.


Fully scalable and flexible to your specific needs

Deploys best of breed, fully tested AI and decision making technologies to increase quality and efficiency

Multi-disciplinary approach blends legal and delivery expertise to save money, shorten project completion time and reduce risk


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NRF Transform abstract

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