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High volume litigation

Handling large volumes of claims

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NRF’s award winning high volume litigation solution works across a number of disputes types to apply process and technology to volume litigation.

Our holistic and scalable high volume litigation solution helps clients in sectors such as insurance, energy and travel, effectively manage large volumes of claims. Facing a wave of claims can be costly, a burden on management time and must be handled sensitively to minimise reputational harm. Our mass claims team works with our specialist disputes teams to apply process and rigor to volume litigation to achieve the best possible results. Supported by our Applied Technology team, they design an optimised end-to-end workflow which leverages automation technologies where possible and provides clear and tailored reporting throughout.


Our solution is underpinned by appropriately structured data, task ownership and clear oversight and escalation points. With such a rigorous approach to data, our in-house data analysts can yield valuable portfolio insights. In the past, this has uncovered systemic fraud and informed upstream process and strategy improvements to reduce future exposure.


Fully scalable and flexible to your specific needs

A technology solution, based on defined processes to reduce cost, increase win rates and identify fraud

Real time data insights to drive informed management decision making


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NRF Transform abstract

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