We support a number of charities through fundraising activities, or simply by making a donation. We seek to work with organisations whose vision resonates with our own focus  to support disabled and disadvantaged people, and bring about social justice.

Fundraising activities local to our offices in Germany have included:

Ambulant childrens hospice foundation Munich (AKM) – In 2018 and 2019, we donated to AKM and volunteered at the AKM booth at the Munich Residenz Christmas market and collected donations from the visitors in exchange for a small giveaway. The AKM provides respite care for affected families during the long period of illness of their children, to give them the opportunity to recuperate strength and a bit of normality.

Arche Griesheim – In 2019, we supported the German charity “Die Arche” in Frankfurt on Main-Griesheim (The Ark) with activities such as an excursion and the collection of children's clothes during the year. There are a number of “Arks” all over Germany, committed to ensuring that disadvantaged children have and can develop future opportunities by providing food, learning support, leisure activities and, last but not least, a place of refuge with emotional security. The “Arks” are financed 100 per cent by donations.

Artists for Kids – In 2018, we donated to Artists for Kids, a modern child and youth aid project in Munich that offers not only numerous preventive and creative projects but also a wide range of schooling programmes for vulnerable and at-risk children and adolescents.

Clowns im Einsatz e.V. – In 2019, we donated to Clowns im Einsatz e.V. The non-profit association helps to improve the well-being of senior citizens and people with dementia as well as disabled children, young people and adults in Hamburg and the surrounding area.

DKMS – In 2018, we hosted a blood type identification event at our Frankfurt office, where our staff had the opportunity to register as donors against blood cancer.

Frankfurter Bündnis gegen Depression e.V. – Mental health issues can affect anyone, but are still stigmatized in many ways. In 2018, we supported the Frankfurter Bündnis gegen Depression e.V., a member of “Stiftung Deutsche Depressionshilfe” with a donation to support education about mental health.

Hamburger Frauenhaus (Women’s Shelter) – In 2019, we donated to Hamburg’s women’s shelters. A women’s shelter is a protective home for women, both with and without children, who are threatened by or who have suffered domestic abuse.

Hanseatic Help e.V. – In 2018, we donated to Hanseatic Help e.V. This association supports people in need, as well as other charitable associations, organizations and initiatives in Hamburg and the world.

HORIZONT e.V. – In 2018, we supported HORIZONT e.V., an organisation which cares for homeless mothers and their children.

J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge – Our Frankfurt office has participated in the road race series since 2007. The event serves as a benefit and awareness builder for the German Sport Aid Foundation and the German Disabled Sports Youth. J.P. Morgan donated on behalf of all participants to the organisations.

Kinder lesen und schreiben für Kinder e.V. – Since its founding in 2007, we have supported the association with pro bono legal support, donations and voluntary work. The association promotes the joy of reading and writing and thus the literacy of children and adolescents.

KlinikClowns Bayern e.V. – In 2018, we donated to KlinikClowns Bayern e.V. The donation was used to support the daily work of the clinic clowns in connection with their service at paediatric hospitals in Munich.

Leseleo e.V. – Volunteer reading mentors meet with their “Leseleo” to read together in their school, a book hall or at home. Apart from reading mentorships, we supported the organisation in 2018 with a financial donation in order to buy books for the children. The organisation promotes literacy education for children with difficulties due to their migration background or other family circumstances.

NICAPLAST– In 2018, we donated to Grupo Alemán Nicaplast. A team of doctors travels to Nicaragua annually for two weeks to help local children with lip-jaw-palate malformation. They also promote training of future Nicaraguan doctors and dentists.

PATRIZIA Children FoundationFrom 2017-2019, we supported the PATRIZIA Children Foundation by hosting three charity cooking events to raise money for their school project in Zimbabwe.

SeeYou In 2019, we donated to the foundation SeeYou. The foundation helps families with critically ill children during their stay in the hospital, and beyond.

Social Business Women e.V. The charity contributes to integrating women into the economy and enabling them to participate in social processes. We support the charity with pro bono legal advice as well as mentoring.

Stifung Kinder-Hospiz SternenbrückeIn 2018, we donated to Sternenbrücke Children’s Hospice Foundation. The Sternenbrücke Childrens Hospice provides respite care for affected families during the long period of their child’s illness, to give them the opportunity to recuperate and gain new strength. The Sternenbrücke also supports the families during the final stage of a child's life and after the loss of a child.

Support Association of the Children´s Clinic Frankfurt-Höchst In 2018, we donated to the Support Association of the Childrens Clinic Frankfurt-Höchst. With our donation, we helped them to buy a medical-technical device for the children's intensive care unit of the Klinikum Höchst in Frankfurt.

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