Business services

The work of our business services staff is as important as the legal work of our partners and associates. Their work underpins our ability to deliver outstanding legal services to our clients. We are therefore always interested in receiving applications from qualified and experienced business services staff: marketing, finance, human resources, and IT.


This department is key to providing the impetus for business development and marketing the services of the practice to both existing and potential clients. The department is divided into two main areas:

PR and communications

Responsible for PR and media relations and for providing internal and external communications including Intranet and Internet communications, publications and corporate advertising.

Business development

Responsible for providing business development direction and support for individual practice areas and sectors.



Led by the chief operating officer, our finance department provides professional, financial, advisory and administrative services to our German practice. Our finance staff deal with management accounts, system accounts, tax, cashiers, payroll, accounts payable, expenses ledger, billings and revenue control, and credit management.

Human resources

We wholeheartedly believe that people are at the heart of the success of our practice. Recruiting and retaining high quality people at all levels is the primary focus for our HR department. Our HR personnel provide professional, advisory and administrative support to all areas of the practice.

Information technology

Our IT department is responsible for providing technical support to the practice. This includes IT strategy formulation, development, and the provision of services. The department is also helping to implement an ongoing change programme. A core element of this is the development and update of our business systems to deliver key applications to users' desktops worldwide.

If you are interested in working in any of our business services departments, please send your full application by email to our human resources staff in Germany (see related contacts), indicating in which of our German offices you would like to work.

We look forward to receiving your application.


Felix Theurer
Frankfurt, Hamburg

Martina Gaigl