We are committed to assisting our clients evolve and thrive as the world changes.

Against a backdrop of market and technological disruption, our sector driven business model enables us to anticipate change across core industries and leverage the experience and knowledge of our experts in one industry in order to benefit our clients in another.

We help our clients embrace technology as a catalyst for growth. We help them understand and explore the evolving legal landscape as technology continues to change the way their business operates and how they deliver solutions to their customers.

We provide them with the support they need as they look to diversify their portfolios with investment into new asset classes and technologies.

As the digital transformation of the energy market continues, the distinctions between the energy, transport and technology markets are becoming more blurred, as are those between sub-sectors within the energy market. The areas where this trend is most apparent are:

  • smart technology for electric vehicles, in particular electric charging infrastructure
  • distributed energy resources such as rooftop solar
  • the integration of variable renewable energy resources
  • smart demand response, in particular the development of smart grids and smart homes
  • battery storage

In all these areas we are at the forefront of developing legal solutions for clients investing in emerging new asset classes and technologies.



Global Co-Head of Energy

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