Brexit viewed from a German perspective

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June 14, 2017

If your business is into, out of or connected to the United Kingdom - then Brexit is an issue for you.

Each speaker addresses each topic for 15 minutes addressing key issues and concerns.

The panel is made up of both German and English lawyers – the emphasis is on how Brexit impacts on German corporates and key considerations.

You can access audio recordings of the presentations by clicking on the following links.

Audio recording I with the following presentations

  • Introduction „Brexit viewed from a German Perspective“ (German language)
  • Settlements of EU-Funds and Trading (English language)
  • Data protection (German language/Slides in English)
  • Corporate trade issues (English language)
  • Financial institutions and regulatory landscape (English language)
  • Employment (German language)
  • Financial institutions and regulatory issues (German language) 

Audio recording II with the following presentations

  • Insurance (German language)
  • Tax (German language)
  • Antitrust law / merger control (German language)
  • Intellectual property (German language)
  • Litigation and dispute resolution (German language)
  • UK perspective (English language)