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The Green Industrial Revolution

Re-orienting the UK economy in the drive towards net zero

We were delighted to welcome Lord Deben, the Chairman of the UK's independent Committee on Climate Change, as our keynote speaker for our Green Industrial Revolution webinar which took place in March 2021.

In this session, we explored a number of questions concerning the implementation of the UK Government’s 10-point plan for delivering the Green Industrial Revolution, including:

  • What are key challenges and opportunities in delivering the UK Net Zero target?
  • What are the implications of the 10-point plan for UK industry and infrastructure?
  • What are the most effective steps the government can take in creating more green jobs and accelerating our path towards net zero?
  • What role will the private sector be expected to play?
  • How will the plan be financed, and what is the cost of failing to act?

The role of financial institutions

Sustainability is now more important than ever before for investors, leading to a convergence of business, climate change and post-COVID imperatives which will ultimately shape the realignment of the economy.

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Delivering the Green Industrial Revolution

Lord Deben and Matthew Hardwick, partner in the Energy, Infrastructure and Natural Resources team discuss priorities for the delivery of the Green Industrial Revolution and the role of the private sector in making this a reality.

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The importance of free enterprise

Rob Marsh and Lord Deben in conversation regarding the interplay between free enterprise and the maintenance of trade and regulatory standards.

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Climate change and COVID-19

Lord Deben discusses how the world’s response has changed in recent years, as acceptance of the reality of climate change has become more widespread and the COVID-19 pandemic has sped up our appreciation of the need to act.

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Planning constraints

Planning is a critical aspect of the development process. How can it be utilised to help deliver the Green Industrial Revolution? 

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Lord Deben concludes his address with some closing comments on the significance of the Green Industrial Revolution for the UK’s industrial future.

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Offshore wind

Head of the Energy, Infrastructure and Natural Resources team, Rob Marsh discusses the UK’s market leading role in the offshore wind sector, and the likely impact of the recent budget in further developing the sector.

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The lead up to COP26

Caroline May, EMEA Head of Environment and Lord Deben discuss what needs to arise from COP26 in November 2021 in order for the world to ratchet up its commitment to slowing climate change.

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Energy transition


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