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Global | February 16, 2021

In our latest webinar examining the evolving regulatory landscape in Germany, members from our financial services team in Frankfurt consider key implications of the end of the Brexit transition period for the payments sector in Germany.

In this webinar, presented in English, we start by examining what the Brexit trade deal means for the payment services industry and then move on to consider some of the key topics that impact payment services, including the national market access rules for UK payment services providers (including reverse solicitation) and civil law aspects.

Further, the webinar will also cover common issues that unregulated entities from the UK need to take into account when operating in the German market. Generally speaking, payment services have experienced a lot of attention from the German regulator in the light of recent incidents. The definition of payment services is broad and covers a number of different activities. Therefore, unregulated entities should carefully assess whether an activity qualifies as payment service requiring a respective license or registration. The webinar will also give an overview of available exemptions and of issues such as the treatment of group scenarios that affect cross-border services as well. The webinar will finish by focussing on online distribution platform; these have attracted particular attention from the German regulator.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions, which we will gladly answer subsequently.


  • Dr. Caroline Herkströter, Partner, Regulatory and Investment Funds
  • Dr. Michael Born, Counsel, Regulatory and Investment Funds

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