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As we transition to new ways of operating against a backdrop of a volatile global economic outlook, global businesses are implementing strategies to ensure they can continue to operate in a rapidly changing and increasingly uncertain legal and regulatory landscape. Operational resilience and a clear strategy will be essential for organisations not only to survive, but to thrive, in 2020 and beyond. Whilst protecting public health still remains the priority, many organisations are facing challenges, including major disruption to their supply chains, meeting contractual obligations, bringing people back to the workplace and implications under funding arrangements. Many of these issues need to be navigated on a cross-border basis.

This global resource hub identifies the key issues and provides practical guidance as well as innovative and strategic thinking from our lawyers around the world on the legal and regulatory challenges. Our multi-disciplinary team takes a holistic approach to risk management that spans business units, areas of law and national boundaries.

What the future will hold, as we attempt to shift towards a period of recovery, is unclear. However, we can certainly expect disruption for some time, and businesses will need the assistance of agile legal teams during this time and beyond.

Cross-border resources

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In addition to our live webinars, we also offer a full selection of video updates, briefings and training which is available on demand. Our on-demand content library features our various webinar series focussing on key topical issues, including returning to the workplace, legal and regulatory challenges for financial institutions, challenges facing the energy sector, managing the energy transition and many more.

For our full range of on demand content for clients, please login or register to NRF Institute – our premium client knowledge site.

Beyond COVID-19

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