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NT Analyzer: Partnering with your business to prepare for the future of AdTech

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Global | May 25, 2021

Following our recent Future of AdTech Conference, we hosted a demonstration of Norton Rose Fulbright’s NT Analyzer tool. NT Analyzer can help your business manage some of the key issues discussed at the conference.

What is NT Analyzer?

Our award-winning NT Analyzer tool suite helps companies mitigate the privacy compliance risks associated with consumer-facing websites and mobile apps. By analysing the network traffic of a mobile app or website, the tool analyses the collection and sharing of data against applicable privacy laws and standards, such as the CCPA, GDPR, the Schrems II decision, and most recently, Apple’s new app privacy requirements.

Since the vast majority of website and mobile app data comes from a user’s device rather than an organisation’s own data centre, organisations are largely blind to the collection and sharing of this data. NT Analyzer therefore helps organisations understand their data flows in a way that would otherwise be difficult.

How can NT Analyzer help your business?

NT Analyzer contains a number of modules, with the most relevant ones from a European and AdTech perspective being the following:

  • Schrems II Module: Personal data flowing from the EU and UK to third countries including the U.S. will now be scrutinised much more closely following the Schrems II judgment. NTA identifies data exports/transfers associated with a website or apps that are in-scope for Schrems II and provides insight on what technical measures may be appropriate.
  • Apple’s New App Privacy Requirement Module: Apple requires developers to obtain opt-in consent from users in certain circumstances and to provide extensive, granular information about their app’s privacy practices. The failure to obtain consent and/or disclose this detailed information to Apple will get new apps and updates to existing apps blocked from the app store. NT Analyzer’s downloadable report and designated module for iOS gives organizations the information they need, at both a technical and legal level, to meet its iOS/iPadOS/tvOS privacy requirements.
  • Cookies Module: The NT Analyzer tool suite shows all of the cookies set when a user visits a website. Organizations can explore cookies based on company name, company role, and cookie duration. This module can help identify if cookies are being set before valid consent has been obtained and/or the effectiveness of consent management tools.
  • ePrivacy Directive/GDPR Module: This NT Analyzer module analyzes data originating from a user’s device through the specific lens of the EU ePrivacy Directive. Companies can use the output to compare the terminal equipment information detected by the tool (including data collected via cookies) to its internal data map and public disclosures to ensure accuracy and to determine whether mitigations are needed. Using “before and after” tests, you can also evaluate the effectiveness of user consents.

Current clients using NT Analyzer include global content and media companies, global retailers, and international financial institutions and insurance carriers. Many ask us to undertake regular scans of their online estate, especially when rolling out new apps or updates.

We look forward to demonstrating to you how NT Analyzer can help your organization. You can also find more information on how NT Analyzer works in the attached One-Pager and on our website: www.ntanalyzer.com or by arranging a further, more in-depth demo.