Horizons 2016

Norton Rose Fulbright in Germany

Publication February 2016

Welcome to the online version of our magazine, Horizons. We take a closer look at legal issues which are important both on a national and international level.

Today’s world is characterised by technological progress. Intelligent machines, digital assistants, any content just a click away – only 20 years ago this would have sounded like a scene from a science fiction film. Yet many technologies that seemed to be visions of the far future are now an integral part of our everyday life.

We do not yet have flying cars or teleportation devices, but the new technologies are developing at a rapid pace, influencing most economic sectors and leading to radical changes everywhere. Innovations are even finding their way into more traditional areas such as the legal sector. This is due in no small measure to the fact that our clients are looking for new business models in order to benefit from the opportunities created by cloud computing, big data and interconnected supply chains – and for this they need legal advice.

In this online edition of Horizons we take a closer look at the legal issues surrounding these new technologies. We talk to our Global Chair Ken Stewart about current trends in the legal sector and our Project 2020. We report on the challenges cloud computing poses with regard to data protection. Another topic is the digital transformation of the German Mittelstand and the effect it has on the M&A market. You can find these and other articles below.

 Interview with Kenneth L. Stewart  

What are the current challenges for law firms? What will be next? Global Chair Kenneth L. Stewart answers our questions. More.

 Case Study

In July 2015, the Eurozone's first Islamic bank opened its doors in Frankfurt. This involved pioneering work for both the bank and the lawyers on previously unfamiliar territory in Germany. More.


 The digital transformation of the German Mittelstand

Companies are turning more and more into smart factories. Which phase of this development have German SMEs now reached? More.

 Cloud computing and data protection – black clouds over the cloud?

The legal requirements with regard to data protection thus at first seem contrary to the features of cloud computing. More.


 Cloud computing and data protection – black clouds over the cloud?

Reports on fines imposed or investigation proceedings initiated for infringements of antitrust law make the news almost every week. Does this mean the number of infringements has increased? More.

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