Global rules on foreign direct investment

Global rules on foreign direct investment

Summary of regulations in light of COVID-19

Global Publication May 12, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly impacted global investment. Restrictions on global mobility and commerce have created an economic environment that enables opportunistic buyers the chance to acquire or invest in distressed companies. The relative low price of companies, weakened by the crisis, has made them susceptible to foreign take over. On the other hand, the economic downturn caused by COVID-19 has also made governments more sensitive to the control they have over their supply chains for critical products. As a reaction to these concerns, many governments have enacted protectionist legislation to curb foreign investment. These governments are moving quickly to protect their own vulnerable businesses and supply chains and revising their laws on foreign direct investment (FDI).

We recognize that many of your global foreign investment projects have been affected by these new regulations. In times like these, where you may face cross-border challenges, you want a global firm with familiarity with markets across the world. To help guide you through the evolving status of foreign direct investment globally, we have provided this summary of FDI in jurisdictions around the world. Please use the below links to access brief summaries of the current FDI rules, many of which have been revised in light of recent events.


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