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Digital dispute resolution

Online dispute resolution

Efficient dispute resolution utilising disciplined legal mechanics and appropriately applied technology solutions.

Traditional dispute resolution mechanisms can be unsuited for modern problems. Slow, burdensome, and costly, the volume and repetition of claims resulting from recent changes in law (e.g those introduced by new privacy law, BREXIT, and the COVID 19 pandemic) can be better handled by updated processes designed with those tasks in mind.


“This is for when traditional methods are too slow or expensive.”

NRF offers services that utilise disciplined legal mechanics and appropriately applied technology solutions to provide rapid resolutions that reduce the burden on internal teams for fixed prices. All supported by experienced NRF lawyers.

Example product

NRF Resolve



NRF Resolve

A procedure and timetable designed to achieve results quickly

Efficient and fair process with fixed fees and price certainty

Led by experienced lawyers with legal and industry sector expertise


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NRF Transform abstract

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