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Law No. 14,193: The resurrection of Brazilian football?

April 21, 2022

Brazilian football clubs have been the subject of increased investment following the introduction of a new law last year. Law No.14,193 of 6 August 2021 follows the “PROFUT Law” (Law No. 13,15/15) in attempting to increase investment in Brazilian football following a period of rising debt among many clubs.

Restraint of an athlete’s trade: Is it time to modernise the approach to money and movement?

April 05, 2022

The success and long term financial viability of sporting competitions in Australia rely on an even competition between participants to ensure the uncertainty of outcome. A key strategy used to achieve this is by restricting the labour market. Two of the prominent examples utilised by the Australian Football League (AFL) are the national draft system and the salary cap. In essence, these mechanisms limit player movement and places a maximum on the amount that can be spent on player wages.