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Further clarification required to the Laws of Cricket

August 23, 2019

The International Cricket Council (ICC) One-Day International Cricket World Cup Final was a contest decided by the very finest of margins.

FIFA adopts a harsher approach to combating racism in football

August 21, 2019

Posted in Football Regulations
Earlier this year, Danny Rose, an England international, publicly stated that “he can’t wait to see the back of football” due to the repeated instances of racist abuse he has been subject to throughout his career, including when representing England.

“No-call” from NFC championship game results in lawsuit and rule changes

August 07, 2019

Posted in NFL Regulations
Earlier this year, we wrote about the controversial “no-call” from the NFC championship game between the New Orleans Saints and the Los Angeles Rams.

Sheffield Wednesday report Newcastle United to the Premier League

August 06, 2019

Steve Bruce was recently appointed the new head coach of Newcastle United F.C., but not without some controversy.

Sports betting: Balancing a national pastime with a need for greater integrity

August 05, 2019

There are not many parts of the world that have a public holiday for a sporting event. In Melbourne, Victoria, the so called sporting capital of the world, they have two.