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The Olympic arena of ambush marketing

April 29, 2021

Ambush marketing is a strategy used by third parties to a major event in an attempt to associate themselves directly or indirectly with the event and reap the rewards without official authorization or sponsorship rights.

Michael Jordan and Qiaodan Sports: Name rights infringement

February 02, 2021

According to the Shanghai Xinhua News Agency, the Shanghai Second Intermediate People’s Court handed down a first instance decision on 30 December 2020 in favour of Michael Jordan against Qiaodan Sports Company and Bairen Trading Company (both Chinese local companies) in respect of infringement of Michael Jordan’s name rights.

US copyright law: Social media, photographs and fair use

December 02, 2020

On 2 November 2020, a federal trial court in New York issued a ruling regarding the use of a photograph taken from a social media post (Boesen v United Sports Publications, Ltd., 20-CV-1552 (ARR) (SIL) (E.D.N.Y. Nov. 2, 2020).

Cheats never prosper: The potential impact of Take-Two v James on cheating in esports

June 19, 2020

For as long as there have been games to win, there have been people willing to do anything to win them. From cork-filled baseball bats, sanded cricket balls, and the Hand of God to performance-enhancing drugs and state-sponsored doping programmes, cheating will always be an intrinsic part of sporting culture – and esports is no different.

End of the mods? Cautionary tale for copyright holders active in an open source environment

June 16, 2020

A mod or modification is a term applied to public alterations to a video game. The modding of games is one of the most diverse and vibrant scenes in the gaming community, with a rich history of great games that have been tweaked by bedroom coders and professional developers alike.

Game developer hits self-destruct: General Court finds “DUNGEONS & DRAGONS” trade mark distinctive and confusingly similar to “DUNGEONS”

February 26, 2020

Kalypso Media Group GmbH (KMG), a German computer game developer and publisher, appealed an EU Intellectual Property Office (EU IPO) decision all the way to the General Court, arguing there was no likelihood of confusion between its EU application “DUNGEONS” for games and computer games and the earlier EU trade mark “DUNGEONS & DRAGONS”, registered by Wizards of the Coast LLC (Wizards).

The Premier League’s domestic fight against piracy

November 21, 2019

Over the summer, the Premier League (PL) broke the £9 billion barrier for the sale of the next cycle (2019-2022) of broadcasting rights, with £5 billion and $4.3 billion of those rights being sold to domestic and international broadcasters, respectively.

Liverpool FC’s trade mark proposal receives a red-card from the UK Intellectual Property Office

October 30, 2019

Liverpool FC’s trade mark proposal receives a red-card from the UK Intellectual Property Office

Destruction of Social Media accounts ≠ Transfer

September 30, 2019

What happens if a defendant doesn’t turn over social media accounts, websites and links that include disputed trademarks, but instead destroys them?

Trade secrets: the price paid for a mid-season trade period

September 25, 2019

As the 2019 Australian Football League (AFL) season draws to a close, the post-Grand Final debate looks set to be dominated by the issue of whether a mid-season trade period should be introduced.