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FC Barcelona midfielder faces €1 million payment over adidas sponsorship agreement

January 29, 2019

In December 2018, FC Barcelona football player Rafael Alcântara do Nascimento, commonly known as Rafinha, was sued by German sportswear company adidas for breach of contract.

Ticket scalpers: ACCC returns serve

January 29, 2019

Anyone who has sought to buy tickets for a concert or major sporting event is likely to be familiar with the practices of “ticket scalpers” or “ticket touts” – those who systematically buy large numbers of sports and entertainment event tickets with the sole aim of reselling at an exorbitant amount above the initial purchase price once the event sells out.

Sports fans and free speech

January 29, 2019

In the United States, free speech rights extend to sports fans. On the other hand, private actors, such as sports teams, may restrict speech because the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment only applies to the government and other “state actors.”

TV Rights and the economics of sports in South Africa: proposed broadcasting laws sets a cat amongst the pigeons

January 29, 2019

In South Africa, as in all other countries around the world, the relationship between sporting organisations and broadcasters who pay huge sums of money for the right to broadcast live sporting events generally ensures that those sporting organisations are able to survive financially and at the same time ensuring that the general public are able to watch their favourite sports events on TV.

Arsenal installs battery storage system

January 15, 2019

Arsenal FC has recently installed the largest battery energy storage system in any UK sporting venue. Located in the basement of the Emirates, the Tesla 2MW/2.5 MWh lithium ion battery storage system (BSS) can power the 60,000 seat stadium for an entire match, which is equivalent to supplying energy to 2,700 homes for two hours.

International Swimming League hold summit to discuss swimming power struggle

January 14, 2019

In December 2018, some of the world’s top swimmers gathered at a summit hosted by the International Swimming League (ISL).