Transformative changes to the Competition Act are here. How will they affect the competition disputes landscape?

To kick off season 5 of Disputed, hosts Ted Brook and Erin Brown sit down to discuss the changes with guests Chris Hersh, Partner and Canadian Head of Antitrust and Competition based in Toronto, and Eric Lefebvre, Partner and litigator based in Montreal. 

In addition to the changes to the Competition Act, this episode covers the current status of bills C-59 and C-56 and their compounding effects on the potential for expanded competition litigation; environmental performance claims; and why there’s still so much uncertainty in this area. Ted, Erin, Chris and Eric discuss why the changes could result in a significant uptick in litigation on competition issues, particularly where NGOs are eager to bring complaints.

This episode is accredited 0.75 substantive hours in Ontario and 0.75 substantive hours in British Columbia. 

Note: This podcast was recorded on June 5, 2024. Bill C-59 has received Royal Assent and has now been passed into law. 

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Senior Associate
Partner, Canadian Head of Antitrust and Competition