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Welcome to the May 2019 edition of Legalseas.

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LIBOR discontinuation: Is the shipping finance industry ready?
LIBOR will be discontinued after 2021. We examine how the ship finance market is preparing for this major change.

Arbitrating disputes under shipbuilding contracts – the importance of timing
Time and tide wait for no one, particularly when pre-delivery shipbuilding disputes arise. How can buyers get the timing right when launching proceedings, particularly for shipbuilding projects involving Chinese refund guarantees?

The narrow channel rule and the crossing rule collide – Evergreen Marine v Nautical Challenge
Who is liable when collision regulations appear to be in conflict? We consider the implications of the English Court of Appeal case Evergreen Marine v Nautical Challenge.

Stallion Eight Shipping Co. S.A. v Natwest Markets Plc – reaffirming creditors’ right to secure claims via ship arrest
The recent decision in the Stallion Eight Shipping Co. S.A. v Natwest Markets Plc case reaffirms creditors' right to secure claims by ship arrest. We examine how it could affect ship owners and financiers.


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