Outlook 2020: New financial technologies will radically transform commerce

In the media January 7, 2020

I’m pretty sure cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will play a more prominent role in our lives in the coming decade.

I realize it can be difficult at times for the average business person uninitiated to the technology to approach cryptocurrencies with anything other than deep skepticism. There are so many ill-conceived cryptocurrency projects out there. As it turns out, devising a viable business model around a decentralized philosophy isn’t so easy in a world accustomed to centralized systems based on client-server network models.

The ethos of centralization may be a byproduct of civilization itself or possibly even hardwired into us at the DNA level of resolution – point being, centralization is not an easy concept to negotiate and supplant in the real world. Not impossible, but really hard.

So why am I confident blockchain and cryptocurrencies are here to stay? 

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