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Michelle Fernando

Canada Lead NRF Transform | Director - Practice & Knowledge Innovation

Michelle Fernando 

About me

I joined Norton Rose Fulbright in 2016, first as a Senior Knowledge Lawyer and then as a Senior Knowledge & Innovation Lawyer, reflecting the importance of innovation in the delivery of legal services at our firm. As a former practicing lawyer, I focus on working with our lawyers, students and paraprofessionals to understand where the inefficiencies lie in their practices and what legal tech solutions there may be in the marketplace to address those issues.

In Canada, we’ve begun running Ideas Campaigns, asking our firm members to identify those inefficiencies and to work collaboratively with us in finding or developing solutions to them. I’m motivated by our firm members who engage collaboratively in these initiatives and show so much appreciation for what we do. I’m also motivated by our clients who challenge us constantly to continue to do our best work in new and innovative ways.


Born, raised and educated in Toronto, Canada.

Fun fact

As an undergraduate ecology student at the University of Toronto, I spent a summer studying in the Canadian Arctic, tracking moose activity. I won’t tell you precisely how one tracks moose activity! I applied to law school shortly thereafter.


At a large national Canadian law firm.

Best part of the job

The people. And, the global opportunities and challenges.




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