Montréal advises Rio Tinto on a C$558m project with Alcoa to develop a carbon-free smelting process

Our Montreal office is advising Rio Tinto Alcan Inc. (RTA) on a joint venture project with Alcoa Corporation on a C$558m project to develop and commercialise a revolutionary carbon-free process to create aluminum.

This process will be the first of its kind, and will eliminate all greenhouse gas emissions typically created in the traditional smelting process. The technology has the potential to significantly reduce Canada’s carbon footprint within the next decade, and will help Canada keep promises made under the Paris Agreement.

RTA and Alcoa have joined to form the joint venture, Elysis. This new company is also committed in further developing the technology so that existing smelters can be retrofitted, or can be used to design new facilities.

The team included Amar Leclair-Ghosh, (Montreal), Richard Wagner (Ottawa), Vincent Filiatrault, Lady Africa Sheppard, Riccardo Lento, and Nikita Stepin.