Linguistic services

Our translation and revision services are sought by public and private companies engaged in a broad range of industries and services, financial institutions and government agencies.

Working in English and French, the highly trained professionals of Linguistic Services translate and revise a wide array of legal, financial and technical documents, with an emphasis on commercial contracts, court documents and securities and corporate documents. We also provide editing, proofreading and terminology consultation services on request.

Our translators, lawyer-revisors and proofreaders have extensive skills and experience in their field and work as a close-knit team to ensure the accuracy of all translations from a legal and linguistic standpoint.

We offer

  • Adherence to exacting quality standards so that your translation provides a faithful rendering of the original document's meaning, tone and style
  • Experience managing and coordinating all aspects of translation mandates within strict timelines
  • A collaborative approach to assist in identifying your needs accurately at the outset in order to achieve optimal results


National Director, Linguistic Services and Lawyer-Revisor
Director, Linguistic Services and Lawyer-Revisor