Counsel to Fonds D'assurance Responsabilite in its issue with the Ministry of Indian Affairs

May 2017

Client: Fonds D'assurance Responsabilite

A law firm and an accounting firm were retained by the band to co-manage their affairs, following a recommendation by the Ministry of Indian Affairs. The co-managers (law firm and accounting firm) are being sued because the new council (band members elected a few years ago) felt that the band was not being properly managed. The council alleges that the co-management led to a loss of C$47K and that the co-managers overbilled the band for the work. The C$47K loss is a combination of loss of capital and overpayment of fees. The attorney general is sued as a result of the failure of the Ministry of Indian Affairs to detect the poor management of the band by the co-managers.

This matter involves forensic accounting, credibility issues, issues of accountancy and co-management of the band.