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Publication April 2018

Migratory Reform

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued Resolution 6045, 2017 the past December 15, 2017 leaving without effect Resolution 532, 2015.

This Resolution introduced a new classification of visas, simplifying and reducing them in three categories: (i) Visitor Visa (Type V), (ii) Migrant Visa (Type M) and (iii) Resident Visa (Type R), indicating the following conditions:

  • Recipients and scope of the visa.
  • Duration.
  • Work permit.
  • Crossed permits.
  • General and special conditions.
  • General and special requirements for each visa.
  • Authorized activities under each type of visa.
  • Term for studying the visa application, which was shorten from 10 to 5 business days.

Additionally, the Resolution established important features during the visa procedure, such as: expiration and cancellation term, study, approval or rejection, and request of transfer the visa, among others. 

It also describes the process after the approval of the visa: (i) issue of the electronic visa, (ii) register and (iii) the foreign citizen ID process before the competent authority (Migración Colombia)

On the other hand, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs extent their discretionary powers to grant visas, for example they can approve a Type V (Visitor) visa for the development of any activity different than those defined by law, taking into account the special circumstances that motivate the visa request and the duration of the foreigner in the country.

The authority can also request additional conditions, documents or information in order to study any type of visa and approve the corresponding permit.

For practical effects, it is important to clarify that the visas that where approved before this Resolution, are valid until their expiration date and under the conditions established at the moment.

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