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Global Rules on Foreign Direct Investment - Turkey

August 18, 2021

Increasingly, cross-border transactions are triggering foreign direct investment (FDI) screening requirements. Partly in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many jurisdictions are developing FDI screening regimes or broadening regimes already in place. New and more exacting criteria, often targeting national security concerns, the healthcare sector, or lower notification thresholds, are being introduced. All types of transactions, even in sectors previously not subject to FDI screening, are now more likely to trigger screening requirements. Indeed, a single transaction may trigger several regimes and require complex cross-border consultation.

Understanding FDI screening requirements has become an essential part of any cross-border investment. Indeed, FDI screening requirements should be considered from a transaction's earliest planning stages.

To help our clients navigate this increasingly complex and changing landscape, Norton Rose Fulbright has put together an informational, general summary of FDI screening regimes in key jurisdictions around the world, including Turkey.

To access the Turkey summary, please click here.

To access the global summary, please click here.