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2024 FinTech Outlook

February 22, 2024

Our lawyers from across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the US share their insights on what to expect across the regulatory landscape in relation to FinTech and crypto-assets in 2024.

Doing Business in Türkiye: FinTech

February 14, 2024

Türkiye has positioned itself as a dynamic hub for FinTech innovation, undergoing substantial transformation in its financial landscape in recent years. Driven by technological advancements, evolving consumer preferences and proactive regulatory initiatives, the FinTech sector in Türkiye, especially in payment services, e-money and digital banking, has experienced noteworthy growth. Despite limited regulation, the crypto assets sector has also emerged as a very strong force, adding another dimension to the country's evolving FinTech narrative.

Blockchain law: Ancient torts and modern assets

January 31, 2024

What relevance does a tort doctrine from the late Middle Ages hold for modern electronic forms of property like digital assets? Quite a bit, it turns out. Recent court rulings show the venerable common-law tort of conversion providing an effective vehicle for relief in a number of cryptocurrency and NFT disputes.

ESAs publish recommended steps to improve activities of innovation facilitators across EEA

December 19, 2023

On 11 December 2023, the European Banking Authority (EBA), European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) and European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA) – together, the European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs) – published a report on ‘innovation facilitators’, a term that encompasses innovation hubs and regulatory sandboxes.

“We will find you and hold you accountable”: Treasury’s warning to digital asset bad actors

December 13, 2023

Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Wally Adeyemo, speaking last week at a virtual currency summit in Washington, DC, made an urgent call to action to the digital asset industry to partner with the US Government to cut off illicit actors’ access to virtual currency exchanges. Pointing to regulatory partnerships forged over decades with traditional financial institutions, Adeyemo called on digital asset players in blunt terms to work with Treasury “to prevent terrorists, transnational criminals and rogue states” from using virtual currencies to move and shield their assets while recognizing the great potential the still relevant infant technology holds.

Federal banking regulators finalize modernized Community Reinvestment Act regulations

November 08, 2023

On October 24, 2023, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) (hereinafter the agencies) released a final rule to implement changes to the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA).

UK FinTech Census

October 19, 2023

During UK FinTech Week earlier this year, the Economic Secretary to the Treasury announced the launch of the UK FinTech Census.

Flipping the coin in financial services

October 17, 2023

On 5 October 2023, the FCA published a speech by Jessica Rusu (FCA Chief Data, Information and Intelligence Officer) entitled Flipping the coin in financial services.

FCA publishes new webpage on Digital Sandbox pilots

August 17, 2023

On 1 August 2023, the FCA launched a new webpage: Digital Sandbox pilots.

Monthly Global FinTech regulatory updater

August 16, 2023

Every month we provide the Global Blockchain Business Council’s Post-Trade Distributed Ledger group with a global regulatory FinTech updater, the latest version of which can be found here.