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Esports: a new MVP for real estate?

June 19, 2019

The esports industry has garnered immense popularity and is projected to grow considerably. While this may present new targets for acquisitions, partnerships and sponsorships, it may also create new real estate opportunities – specifically, in the form of esports stadiums and arenas.

Although likened to traditional sports stadiums and arenas, the infrastructure, facilities and amenities of their esports counterparts will be quite different.

The types of real estate where we may expect to see the opening of esports stadiums and arenas include locations with higher vacancies such as certain malls, older offices located in suburbs proximate to major cities, theme parks and even hotels. We will also see the construction of custom-built venues that are specifically intended to be used as esports stadiums and arenas. By stimulating demand for the development of new types of properties – that is, esports stadiums and arenas, the projected growth of the esports industry could be a slam dunk for real estate.

Samantha Sarkozi (Toronto) considers these issues in greater detail in this article on Deal Law Wire. Click here to read the full article: